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viernes, 25 de junio de 2010

story about consensual cannibalism

Trangle C

First day:

“Welcome to Fengfude Nuhaizi, Mr. Anderson!” the beautiful Chinese girl greeted him with a bright smile.

It has been a long flight and although he was tired, he still was happy to be on his feed again.

“My name is Shan Shan, I’m Mr. Wang’s daughter. He sent me to welcome you.” She continued while a big guy in a black suit that was standing beside her took Anderson’s luggage and loaded it into the trunk of a big limousine.

“Hi Shan Shan, nice to meet you. My name is David.”

“Nice to meet you, David.” She smiled. “Please, let’s get into the car.”
She gestured while the guy in the black suit opened the door for them and took the driver’s seat after closing the door behind David and the beautiful girl.

The air conditioning cooled down the inside of the limo drastically but David still kept sweating like in the hot, moist air outside the airport building.

“How was your flight?” Shan Shan inquired with her wide smile.

“Just the usual. It is not the first time I come to China, you know. Just the first time I’m that far in the south.” He explained.

“Yes, I see. The climate is quite different here, compared to Beijing with its awfully dry air. Luckily the air isn’t as polluted here aswell.”

As they left the airport and its infra structure, they had to drive cross country on a high way.
“Do you see the fields full of pink flowers there?” Shan Shan asked, pointing her finger at the window. David followed her gaze and saw wast fields, all covered by strange pink flowers.
“That is the famous Pink Poppy that is cultivated here. A special medicine is extracted from it.”

The car took a long time making it through the dense traffic of the city of Fengfude Nuhaizi. It was a rather small city for Chinese circumstances, but more than big enough for David’s taste and it seemed as if all of its about one million citizens would be out on the streets.

“We got a lot of tourists from all over China at this time of the year.” Shan Shan explained with an apologetic smile. “This small region is a famous tourist attraction, you know.”

“Yes, I heard about it. It is because of the girl meat restaurants.” David answered with a slightly embarrassed smile because he felt a bit weird talking about such an subject.

Shan Shan didn’t seem uncomfortable with it though.
“Yes, that is right.” Again she smiled at him. “This area is famous for the many beautiful girls and for the possibility to eat them.” She giggled. “Do you know something about that?”

“Well…. I just heard what you hear about it in the western media. They said the native people that live here have some kind of genetic defect that causes them to have way more baby girls than boys.”

“Yes, that is right.” Shan Shan took over. “Because the people here didn’t have enough sons to tend their farms and the other hard physical work, they started selling their daughters to other regions of China and even all the way to Arabia. But because everywhere in the world people in ancient times preferred to have sons and the girls from this region hardly ever gave birth to sons, but only had many daughters, they wouldn’t be accepted as wifes, but only as slaves.”

David nodded. He had heard something like that in a tv documentary about Fengfude Nuhaizi.

Shan Shan continued: “Almost 2000 years ago the imperial governor of this region ordered the people to do everything to attract more men from other parts of China to settle here. Young girls were sent to a kind of sex school where they learned how to please men, so the girls from this region would not only be famous for being beautiful, but also for being masterful lovers, you know.”

David nodded again and wiped some sweat from his forehead.

“It still wasn’t enough to attract more men to settle here. Many men came to have sex in the many famous and cheap brothels of the region, but because people though it must be a contagious curse that causes the women from here to have no sons but very often twin, triplet or even more daughters at once, still very few came here to settle and mix with the natives.
Because of that the sales of slave girls weren’t as lucrative as one might expect, so the people were searching for additional ways to turn this problem into a good thing. Not long till they came up with the idea to sell the meat of the girls.
This was successful till a few generations later the current emperor banned cannibalism. Again some time later this region got a special permition to perform cannibalism and to open up a certain amount of girl meat restaurants. So cannibalism became a specialty of this place and people who wanted to eat girl meat had to travel here.”

“I see.” David said. Although he was tired from the flight, he still found himself very interested into Shan Shan’s history lesson.
Looking out of the window of the car he really noticed a unusual high percentage of beautiful girls and women among the people on the streets.

“Every region of China has its own special attraction and famous food.” She continued her monologue. “And we got one of the most exotic. That makes us a big tourist destination.
Chairman Mao again banned cannibalism and ordered people from other parts of China to settle here and to mix with the natives to assimilate them. That is why there is a more normal diversity of people living here now, but the genetic defect that was assumed by scientists since the introduction of biological and evolutionary science a hundred years ago and finally proven only 10 years ago, seems to be dominant and is passed on to the offspring natives have with the newcomers. But not in its extreme. Just every generation obviously produces less sons and more daughters again.
At the moment the proportion is at about 3 girls on one boy again. Because there is a shortage of girls in the rest of China, many of those surplus girls leave the region to marry, but not all of them by far, because the genetic effect still is a big disadvantage in the eyes of other Chinese who still prefer to have sons over daughters.”

“Very interesting.” David meant it seriously. “And what about the cannibalism? Do the girl meat restaurants really still exist?”

“Oh yes.” She answered. “They never vanished. They just did it in secret during the times when it was forbidden. Now it is legalized again to attract tourists, as part of the economical reforms of the last 20 years.
But it is not like 500 years ago anymore, with a cannibal restaurant at every corner and the girls often being breeded and raised like cattle. Nowadays there are only a few remaining, quite exclusive and pretty expensive girl meat restaurants left. Most people – including the girls – that live here, live normal lifes like everybody else in China and never really come in contact with the whole cannibalism thing. Also slavery is still forbidden, so the whole thing has to be totally consensual and the volunteer meatgirls have to sign a form and a contract and have to be examined by a special doctor – a public health officer - to get a kind of ‘edibility papers or passport’, you know.”

“Wow. That is weird.” David was intrigued.

“Yes. Some girls go to the exam and get the papers just for fun and thrills.”


“Yes. Even foreign women come here to volunteer as meat. The government had to come up with a special kind of ‘one way tourist visa’ about two years ago, to regulate this phenomenon.”

David was stunned to hear that as Shan Shan continued:
“To you it must be hard to believe, but there is a certain appeal to women with a submissive nature. The native girls are pretty much naturally submissive – even for Asian circumstances.” She chuckled. “I don’t know whether it is genetic too, or just a cultural thing. Certainly growing up with all this stories and knowledge about local history somehow influences you.”
She paused.
“The only bad thing is that there is virtually no age restriction, so parents can sign the form in their daughters name if she is underage. So theoretically young girls could be forced to be meatgirls against their will, but I heard the public health officer is a decent man who makes sure even the underage girls really are volunteers. The restaurants are allowed to hand out leaflets even at elementary schools and the Chinese equivalent to junior high. ‘Don’t want to end up as one of those old, lonely spinsters? You are rather the adventurous type? Want to be appreciated? Ready for the party of your life? Then call 555-And-so-on’ … I bet you can imagine it.”

David gulped and nodded with a lightheaded feeling and a lump in his stomach.

“And with the drug from the Pink Poppy, the volunteers don’t even have to fear pain when being butchered or prepared as food alive.”

“What drug?” David asked. “You mean the medicine from the pink flowers you mentioned earlier?”

“Exactly. It is a very special drug that transforms pain into sexual pleasure. Quite useful when it comes to consensual cannibalism.” She grinned.

David shook his head, hardly able to grasp what kind of world he entered here. All he came here for was to get a signature from a rich Chinese businessman to complete a deal over the delivery of potato slicing machines. Like he told his friendly and beautiful hostess, he only knew a bit about this rather infamous small region in the south of China, but he had thought that most of it would be exaggerated myths and legends.
Shan Shan continued telling him that the Pink Poppy is also illegal in the rest of China and the region has a special permition to grow and harvest it and some other details, but he hardly listened to her but couldn’t help imagining her laying naked on a platter, with an apple in her mouth.
He woke from his daydream when he realized she had asked him something.

“Um… what?”

“Are you hungry, David?” she repeated her question with her usual nice smile.

“Oh, um… well… no. I ate during the flight. I’m just tired. If it is possible, I’d like to go to bed soon.”
He wondered what kind of restaurant she would have taken him to if he would have said yes.

“Of course. Then we’ll bring you to my family’s home right away where you’ll stay in a guest room.”
She talked to the driver in her native tongue and the man nodded.

They needed another fifteen minutes to reach their destination. During this time David and Shan Shan had some rather normal smalltalk in which she asked him about his home and he looked out of the windows a lot, seeing a pretty normal looking Chinese city that didn’t look much different than the other ones he had visited before. They passed by several American fastfood restaurants and one or two Japanese shushi bars. Yet there was this unusual high number of beautiful girls and women swarming the streets, shopping and eating. And they wore more revealing clothes than the girls in Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai or Wuhan, he noticed. The many miniskirts and skimpy shirts reminded him rather of Bangkok and other touristic centers of Thailand.

Second day:

Meili’s mobile phone started vibrating in her purse. She took it out and looked at the colorful blinking display.
She took the call.
“Wei, nihao Shan Shan!”

“Hello Meili!” She heard the voice of her good friend speaking Mandarin. “How are you?”

“Fine, fine. How about you? Do you want to go out tonight?”

“Not exactly. Listen, my father has a foreign guest – a business partner he wants to please and impress. He wants to take him out to Chen’s fancy restaurant.”

“Oh!” It dawned to Meili and her knees got a bit shaky. “You mean…. You need girls to….”

“Exactly! We need at least 6 girls for all the businessmen at the party. The foreigner likes big breasts and your pair is the biggest I know. So what do you say?”

“I…. I don’t know….” Meili nibbled on her full lower lip.

“C’mon! It will be fun! You often talked about doing it one day and the foreigner is handsome. You have 7 sisters, your parents don’t need you and you’ll always regret it if you miss this chance. Besides, my father would pay 20 000 RMB to your parents.”

Meili thought a while and played absently with one of her earrings.
“I… I’ll have to ask my parents.”

“Great!” Shan Shan applauded.

“Will you be there too?” Meili asked.

“I will be at the party, but not as meat. None of my sisters speaks English as good as me, so my father wants to keep me for translating.” Shan Shan said with a hint of regret in her voice.

“And the other 5 girls?” Meili asked.

“It’s you,…”

“If my parents agree.” Meili threw in.

“Of course, if your parents agree, it is you, Chi Chi, Xiu Mei and Yuna, that half-Japanese girl that went to the disco with us last month, you remember? I’ll ask Tao and Mingmei too. Pretty sure they’ll say yes. Do you know someone else I could ask? I don’t want to call the volunteer agency and then party with a total stranger.”

“Hmmmm…. How about Lin? Niu Lin, you know? I introduced you to her at the bookstore.”

“Oh, yes. She’ll do fine. Could you give me her number?”

Meili did so and then asked: “So how will it work? We’ll need the exam and the papers.”

“No problem. I’ll fetch you from your parent’s home, give them the money and then bring you and the others to the health inspector. After you all got your papers we’ll go shopping for some sexy new clothes to wear at the party, then go to the bathing house for a nice cleansing, a massage and a hairdo. And then at seven pm we’ll meet the men at Chen’s. It will be a great day, you’ll see.”

After finishing the call from Shan Shan, Meili slowly walked out of the shopping mall. She only looked up from her feet – or better said from her immense breasts – to call a taxi home.
On the way she had to think of a way to break the news to her parents. She didn’t expect them to say no or even get angry or anything, she just felt a bit ashamed because her parents never really talked to her about sex and being a meat girl and all that.
Admitting that this was turning her on to her parents wasn’t easy for her, but they wouldn’t believe her if she’d say that she only wants to do it to help out her rich friend. She was the first of their daughters who chose to be eaten. When Shan Shan and two other friends went to the so called ‘Charm School’ between senior high and university to learn how to please a man, she’d have loved to go too, but never brought up the courage to ask her parents.
On the other hand, she wouldn’t have to look into their knowing eyes for long after getting their permission to be a meat girl.

Third day:

It hadn’t been as bad as Meili had expected. Her parents didn’t stare at her or anything since she had asked them.
Her mother had smiled at her like every morning when she came into the kitchen to help preparing breakfast.
“No, you don’t have to do anything today, although it would be your turn.” Her mother had told her when she wanted to crack open the eggs. “One of your younger sisters can do it.”

Four of Meili’s sisters were still living with her and her parents. The other ones were married, went to university or to work far away from home. So there really were enough hands to do the housework.

At half past eight am the doorbell rang.
Shan Shan came up the stairs to the third floor of the large and old apartment building and politely greeted Meili’s parents.
They led her into the living room where they all sat down.
The two youngest sisters watched curiously as Shan Shan thanked their parents for giving her their daughter and pulled 20 000 RMB out of her purse to hand them to their father.

After a few more kind words, Shan Shan stood up and said it was time for them to leave.

Shan Shan father’s big black limousine was waiting in front of the building. Tao, Chi Chi and Yuna, one of the 5 daughters of a native woman and a Japanese businessman, were already waiting in the spacious car. The two of them and all the other girls, the car soon fetched from different places of the suburbs, were in a exited and festive mood that soon made Meili forget the uncomfortable feeling in her belly. A nice tingling of anticipation remained.

At the public health inspector’s office they didn’t all have to be examined, because two of the girls already had their meat girl certificate. Xiu Mei had gotten one too at the age of 12 when she had fancied the idea of being part of a big ‘veal-girl buffet’, but had chickened at the last minute before applying at the restaurant. Her parents hadn’t taken her back and so she had been lucky to be given a job as a maid in the big household of Shan Shan’s father where she even was allowed to finish high school. The certificate only was valid for two years and so she had to get a new one too, being 21 now.

Meili was second in line and went in after Chi Chi.
The doc was an friendly old man who couldn’t hide how impressed he was by Meili’s giant boobs. She was used to draw a lot of attention although the girls of the region generally were known for being well endowed.
The inspection didn’t take long. He just examined her to make sure she had no contagious diseases (Just a word by the author: I know AIDS tests take days or even weeks, but for the sake of the story AIDS doesn’t exist in this fantasy world.) and talked to her to make sure she really wanted this.
After that they all signed the papers and were given their certificates.

Then they went shopping.
They all chose very tight, skimpy and revealing dresses and outfits that really resembled the food wrapping they were meant to be.
Meili chose a short violet dress that emphasized her enormous tits by only wrapping them in two loops of almost transparent silk and pretty much letting them dangle freely, while the rest of the shoulder- and arm free dress was made out of a tight tube of stretch material that hardly covered her crotch and buxom buttocks.

When all of them found their perfect meat wrapping, they went to the spa to have thorough enemas, sit in the sauna for a long time, then have a very long and hot bath, get a massage and their finger- and toenails done, their whole body including the pussy shaved and to have their hair cut, braided or pinned up. It was usual for meat girls to wear their hair short or in a way that would leave the neck free, in case the head would have to be cut off or they would sit into a cauldron to be boiled into soup.
The whole thing was very relaxing and Meili almost forgot why they were here. All the more the tingling of anticipation, the thrills and the goosebumps on her arms came back when Shan Shan told them it was time to get going.
When they all pulled their tight and short dresses and outfits over their supple, meaty bodies, Meili enjoyed the feeling the fabric of the dress gave her when she pulled it over her smooth skin that was still a bit red and very sensitive from the hot bath. She could hardly resist touching her smoothly shaved cunt that was so easily accessible, hardly covered and right behind the hemline of the skimpy dress.
She was used to walk in very high heels, but she wasn't used to not wearing underwear, having her pussy shaved and having her voluptuous and pendulous tits swing around that freely, only covered by the smooth, transparent silk. It was a new sensation and it alone would have been more than enough to arouse her.

She found herself a bit astonished that still all the girls laughed, chattered and giggled so much during the drive to the restaurant instead of falling into a quiet and nervous mood as she would have expected it. But she was glad about that.
After all they all did this for fun and for the thrill and till now it really was fun and provided a lot of thrills, Meili had to admit.
She gave in to the cheerful mood.

The evening:

David missed Shan Shan because her younger sister Hua who replaced her as his translator wasn’t really up to the task. So he had a hard time understanding what Mr. Wang and his 3 fellows said to him while they were waiting in the lobby of Chen’s restaurant.

Most of the time he just smiled and nodded at the 4 businessmen who forced him to have a cigar and always seemed to tell him seedy jokes the young girl obviously didn’t translate well. So he had to pretend and laugh about stuff he didn’t understand or weren’t funny at all. He had endured worse things for a good deal.
Still he was very glad when he saw Shan Shan and 6 other girls get out of the already known big black limo and stagger on their high heels towards the glass door of the restaurant where three waitresses greeted them and one led them to the sitting group of men.

The Chinese businessmen uttered satisfied moans as if a waitress would have brought delicious looking food to their dinner table and David had to remind himself that that was actually what was happening.
The girls looked stunning and they took the compliments the men gave them with shy smiles and embarrassed sounding giggles but obviously were eager to show off their goods at the same time.
David’s smile was surely the only one that was sincerely shy and embarrassed, he thought by himself as he stood up to greet the girls and especially Shan Shan while the native men remained in their comfortable seats, laughed and ordered some of the girls to come nearer so they could squeeze their thighs, buttocks and breasts.

“Glad you are finally here.” David addressed Shan Shan in a low voice.

Shan Shan laughed. “I guess Hua did a bad job. I’m sorry, David.” She took his arm and grinned at him. “But as you see I used the time well and made a good catch.”

“Indeed.” He gulped. “Are they all…. You know….”

“Yes, they’ll all be eaten at the party today.”

“But why so many? That are more girls than we are guys here. Wouldn’t one be… um… sufficient?” he asked, uncomfortable with the thought that all those girls were scheduled to die today, just for a kinky culinary adventure.

“We will have a very traditional menu today. It requires one girl to be boiled into soup and while we wait for the soup to be finished, you, my father and his partners will each have the fried breasts and vagina of one of the other girls. After you finished that, the soup will be served while the best parts of the bodies of the other girls will be carved up and fried like duck meat. I was lucky to find 5 girls with breasts big enough for this special dish and the biggest pair belongs to the guest of honor, of course.”

David felt lightheaded again.

“Meili!” Shan Shan called.
The girl in the violet, partial transparent dress, the one with clearly the biggest rack, looked up from a conversation with Mr. Wang and smiled at Shan Shan and David as she came over to them.
“This is Meili,” Shan Shan introduced her. “your girl for tonight.”

David gulped and awkwardly took the girls hand. “Hi, my name is David.”

“Hi David.” She giggled.
Although wearing very high heels, she still was much smaller than him. Still her giant tits were the biggest he ever saw outside of a porn movie.
“Do you like China?” Meili asked him in good English but with a strong accent.

“Oh, yes, I like it very much. This here is still very strange to me.” He made a gesture that included the whole room and the near to naked girls sitting on the laps of the businessmen in their black suits.

“Yes, I understand. It is the first time for me too.” She smiled up at him mischievously and took his hand with her tiny fingers to lead him back to the others while Shan Shan talked to the waitress and did the necessary paper work by handing her the meatgirl certificates.

When David, Meili and Shan Shan were with the group again, Mr. Wang clapped on his thigh and said something in a commanding voice.
The girls stood up from the laps of their patrons and helped them out of the comfy armchairs, giggling away as always.

The waitress bowed deep and led the group toward the wide stairs that would bring them to the first floor where the big dining room with its separate private rooms was waiting for them.

Another waitress was waiting at the entrance of the huge room. Again she greeted the guests with a low bow and clapped her hands. This was the signal for another waitress to carry over a tray with 6 syringes. Each lay on a neat little rack made out of green jade.
The girls who had spread a few steps, looking around and admiring the beautiful room with impressed moans and words David didn’t understand, gathered around the waitress with the tray and on a command from Shan Shan lined up in a row with their backs towards the others and their heads bowed. The ones that wore their hair in braids made sure they didn’t cover their slender necks.
The main waitress took the syringes one by one and gave each girl a shot into her neck. Most of the girls only twitched slightly and uttered a muffled squeack.
At the same time another waitress used the opportunity to get the signatures of the meatgirls on their contracts. Most of them didn’t bother to read what they were signing.

David bent over to Shan Shan.
“Is that the drug from the Pink Poppy?”

“Yes.” Shan Shan answered, nodding. “It will help them enjoy it and keep them from screaming and twitching.”

“It really simply transforms the pain into sexual pleasure?”

“Well… yes and no. It doesn’t simply transform the pain. You still feel the pain, but at the same time you feel pleasure and it helps somehow to endure the pain without really numbing it, I was told. It is somehow as if you would project two different pictures or movies at the same screen at the same time, you know. Both pictures are there, but they blend into each other and can be hard to distinguish from each other. Both sensations, pain and pleasure are there at the same time, blurring into each other, making the girls enjoy the pain.”

“Will they be high or dim or anything?”

“No, absolutely not.” She shook her head. “It is as if you drank a glass of champagne. You get into a good mood and maybe loosen up a bit, but you are still far from being drunk.”

The waitress was finished with injecting the girls and they quickly skipped back to their patrons, some making a pout and speaking in a “please comfort the little girl”-voice to them.

In the meanwhile David took a look around the vast room himself.
Unlike usual in Chinese dining rooms, there wasn’t only a big round table, but also a ring of 6 comfortable chairs, facing each other and each facing something that looked a lot like one of that special chairs they use in the office of a gynecologist, with supports that would hold the legs of the person sitting in the special chair in a high and spread position.
The difference to such a gynecologist’s chair was that the sitting position was much more upright and there was some kind of tiltable tray on each chair and a bar with attached cuffs above the headrest.

Meili again took his hand and waited while he was gazing around. The others, all exept Shan Shan, were led to another group of couches, arm chairs and low couch tables. In front of the furniture there was a small stage with a karaoke machine, a big flat TV screen on the wall and a microphone.
Shan Shan and Meili smiled at David rolling his eyes indignantly as they dragged him towards the couch and pushed him down on it to sit at each side of him.
They all ordered drinks while Mr. Wang and two of the girls, one wearing a skimpy golden bikini top and a matching miniskirt (obviously without panties) and the other one wearing some kind of tight transparent nylon cat suit and a bikini thong that hardly was big enough to cover her pussy, climbed onto the stage and started to rummage through the song archive of the karaoke machine.
Two of the other guys were already making out with their girls while the third one talked to his girl while she was kneeling between his spread legs and had her hands on his thighs and a erotic smile on her beautiful face.

Mr. Wang and the two girls finally found a song they liked to sing together and the guys who have been stripped of their jackets and neck ties, stopped kissing and fondling their girls to cheer and join the singing.
After the first song was finished, all the waitresses who were waiting besides the door clapped their hands and one of them opened the main doors of the room.

Two huge, muscular men carried a giant cauldron into the room, hanging from two bars they had on their shoulders.
Further waitresses and a female chef in a white apron followed the cauldron, carrying the ingredients for the soup.
The cauldron was set on a big gas cooking place in the ground at the wall beside the karaoke stage and the TV screen.

The two big guys pulled the bars out of the loops at the sides of the pot and left the room together with some of the waitresses who had carried the ingredients and had placed them on a wheeled serving table beside the cauldron.

The chef bowed deep with a smile and said something David of course didn’t understand and Shan Shan didn’t consider important enough to translate.
Mr. Wang rubbed his hands contently and slapped the girl with the golden bikini top and the miniskirt on her firm little buttocks.
She squeaked and giggled and then started to undress.
The others were applauding and cheering for her while she slid down her miniskirt, pulled the bikini top over her head and then deliberately presented her bare, succulent ass as she bent down to undo the straps of her high heeled sandals, which went up to the middle of her well shaped, meaty calves.

In the meantime the chef had lit the gas flames beneath the cauldron and started to chop vegetables, mushrooms and herbs at the table and to prepare little heaps of mixed spices and salt in different little bowls while the waitresses threw noodles into the water.
One of the waitresses stepped beside the stage and with a smile helped the now naked meatgirl down and toward the little stool that would make it easier for her to climb into the cauldron. She did so slowly and in a obvious deliberately sexy way.
Only when she stood inside the cauldron and then slowly settled into it with her arms above her head and slightly shaking boobs, the water level rose to the rim of the cauldron and some of it spilled out to hiss loudly when it reached the bright blue flames coming from many little holes in several steel rings beneath the cauldron.

The waitress handed her some kind of bathing cap to cover her short hair.

The girl acted as if she were taking a bath inside the big cauldron, always smiling at Mr. Wang and the other guests, while the chef and her helpers started to add the chopped vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and the spices into the slowly heating cauldron.

Obviously it would take a long time for the soup to be done, because Mr. Wang started singing again and the other guys turned their attention away from the girl in the soup.

They forced David to sing too and applauded rather politely than enthusiastic when he had finished murdering two Rolling Stones songs and was allowed to sit down again.
After a few drinks he started relaxing and loosening up a bit too. The view of the slowly moving girl in the increasingly steaming pot didn’t bother him anymore, but started to turn him on and so did the increasingly sexually loaded atmosphere in the room.
At some point nobody went to the stage anymore and the karaoke machine was running in jukebox mode, just playing songs and pictures of nice landscapes on the screen while Mr. Wang and the others were busy making out with their girls.
Shan Shan had pulled a chair to the cauldron to sit there and chat a bit with her friend in the still not boiling water.
And Meili was obviously trying to get David in the mood for sex too.

“Do you like me?” She asked him, grabbing his upper arm, looking up at him with big eyes, blinking her long eyelashes and pressed herself against him.

“Um… yes, you are very beautiful.” He replied.

“Thank you.” She smiled. “I think the soup will not take very long anymore.” She said with a purr and played around with a button on his shirt.
Then she kissed his neck and went kissing him further up till she had reached his mouth.

David needed no further encouragement and returned her kiss passionately. After kissing and fondling each other for a long time, she pulled away from him and then pulled him off the couch.
She led him towards one of the smaller private rooms along the wall of the big dining hall.

Inside the small room there was a big round bed without a blanket but a blue velvet covering and a few matching pillows laying in a heap at the other end of the bed.
Meili led him to the bed, directed him till he stood with his back towards the bed and then gently pushed him down on the firm, velvet covered surface.
She took a step back and slowly started to strip down her small dress, by first freeing her massive tits from the silken loops and then slowly squirming her supple hips out of the tight tube of the dress.
Her dress had never really hidden anything, but seeing her naked still was a glorious sight.
She slowly walked back to the bed and sank down with him.

Only half an hour later somebody knocked at the door and David heard Shan Shan’s voice telling them that it was time now.
Meili who was just riding on his dick smiled down at him.
“I’m so exited.” She said, repairing parts of the damage to her hairdo with her hands without slowing the rhythm in which she was rocking forth and back on his hips.
She dismounted without waiting for her third orgasm and finished off David with a somehow urgent and hard blow job. With a moan David let her pull him up into a sitting position. She knelt between his legs and again smiling at him, helped him to put on his shorts, trousers and shoes. After he had put on his shirt they left the private room and met the others who were just leaving their rooms too.

Meili smiled at him and let go of his hand to join the other girls who were gathering at the women’s toilet to wash their pussies.
David went to join Shan Shan near the soup cauldron to have a look at the progress there. He could already smell the soup.
Because of the steam he had to stand right next to the cauldron to see clearly. The water was boiling and the girl obviously wasn’t alive anymore. Her head bobbed around face down on the bubbling surface of the water. He couldn’t see much of her, because the water wasn’t clear enough anymore. The soup smelled delicious.

Shan Shan led David towards one of the strange chair arrangements. The other men went to the ring of chairs and took a seat themselves. Now each of them had one of those gynecologist-ish chairs in front of him.
David noticed that the peculiar adjustable tray at the side of the strange chair was actually some kind of frying pan and it was hot already.
And he felt heat radiating from the crotch area of the chair too, but could not see the source of the heat itself.

The girls came out of the toilet in a group. All naked and chattering and giggling as always when they were together.
They approached the ring with the men in their normal arm chairs and each bowed down to her patron to kiss him and exchange a few whispered words.
So did Meili with David.
“I hope you will enjoy me, Master David.” She said.
Then she slowly climbed into the contraption in front of him. A waitress helped each of the girls doing so. They strapped the legs of the girls into the special supports.
Now Meili sat in front of him, with her legs wide spread and her meaty crotch exposed.
The waitress held a bowl filled with peanut oil in front of Meili and the meat girl started first to baste the outside and inside of her pussy with it and then massaging it into her massive tits, smiling at David and blinking at him provocatively.
The waitress poured some of the remaining oil onto the hot tray at Meili’s side, which started to sizzle immediately.

Then the waitress put on a thick heat protection glove and carefully fetched something from beneath Meili’s special chair.
It was something that looked like a mixture of an old fashioned electrical hair curler on a cable and a iron vibrator.
One end had a thick wooden handle and the phallic front end was obviously the source of the heat David had felt coming from beneath the contraption.
The waitress poured the rest of the peanut oil over the hot iron half of the thing.
Meili watched her, biting her lip and then grinning at David.
She made a quick kissing motion with her lips towards him as she braced herself for the waitress to insert the long ‘pussy cooking iron’ into her.
She stiffened and moaned in ecstasy as the waitress pushed the oil covered, sizzling hot thing into her well lubricated pussy without much effort.
Then the waitress put the handle into a fixture so it wouldn’t slip out before Meili’s cunt was well cooked.

David felt weird, but this definitely turned him on. And obviously Meili enjoyed it too. Already hot oil and fat dropped out of her steaming pussy onto a small tray beneath her crotch.
Now the waitress adjusted the height of the big, hot tray and tilted it around, obviously ordering Meili to lift her boobs so she could tilt it all the way till it was in front of Meili’s chest.
Now Meili carefully let her oiled, glistering breasts sink on to the sizzling hot cooking tray. She put her arms above her head and let the waitress cuff them to the bar.
Exactly the same was happening at all the seats and contraptions around the circle.

Meili moaned and slowly tilted her head from one side to the other with closed eyes while her boobs were cooking right in front of David.
After a while the waitress handed him a fork with long, pointy prongs and a sharp knife and with a smile gesticulated to start carving and eating the tits.
David nodded at her and turned his attention toward Meili again.
She moaned louder.
She opened her eyes.

“Yes, I think they should be ready now.” She managed to smile and nodded towards her tits in the pan. “The pussy always needs some more time.” She explained, taking deep breaths between each sentence. “It will be ready when you are finished up here.”

Shan Shan had taken the free seat beside him and was nibbling on some kind of pancake. She grinned at him reassuringly.

A bit insecure he placed the prongs of his fork right above Meili’s dark, wide aureoles.
She grinned too, sweat running down her temples.
“Enjoy your meal, Master David.”

The End

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