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viernes, 25 de junio de 2010

a short story about a female cannibal eating a young man

Trangle C

She was sitting two rows ahead of me within a group of beautiful young girls. She was the most beautiful girl in the lecture hall, the most beautiful girl on campus and the only cannibal I have met yet.

In the beginning of the semester, she and I were assigned to the same tutoring group and I helped her with some mathematical problems. It was great to be so near to her, bent over the same sheet of paper, inhaling her scent, feeling her hair brush over my hand, hearing the sound her tongue made when she licked her lips to moisten them.
I still hate myself for not asking her out or something. We came along great and laughed a lot together, although I’m usually very shy when talking to beautiful girls like her.
I surely would have been even more nervous if I’d have known already that she is a cannibal back then.

I know now that calling them cannibals is actually not correct, because they technically don’t belong to the same species as us Homo Sapiens anymore, so it’s not really cannibalism when they eat humans, but since they look like humans and are perfectly integrated into society, they are legally humans like everybody else. Considering the fact that they are allowed to eat humans, their rights even surpass the rights of the majority by far, at least in that one matter.
I guess everybody just sticks with that name because nowadays there are no real cannibals anymore and the word was somehow vacant when the world learned about their existence after they had lived among us in secret from the beginning.

I know that they are way stronger and more powerful, because I saw Alley, that’s her name, play volleyball with other students at campus. It was obvious she was holding back, but still she was faster, more agile and stronger than the most athletic guys, even though she looks just like a well endowed but slender Victoria Secret model.
Imagining she simply ate a full grown person raw and with her bare teeth each other week or so, was next to impossible, but also strangely fascinating.
As fascinating as her smooth and elegant, panther-like movements that hinted the potentially fierce predator behind the mask of a beautiful girl.
She could literally rip apart the biggest man and I am sure she had done that often with unreasonable victims who were stupid enough to fight back.

I didn’t know whether she was dating normal humans like me or not. They cannot reproduce with us and I never heard about a serious relationship between a cannibal and a Homo Sapiens. I guess most of them pretty much just see us as prey, even though they might have normal human friends and normal jobs like teacher or doctor in a hospital.
I think she knows that I have a crush on her and she caught me several times when I was staring at her. She’s always smiling at me then, which makes it even harder that I can’t bring up the courage to approach her. It isn’t so much that I am afraid of her because she is a cannibal, but I am rather afraid of being rejected and having misunderstood her smiling looks. Even if she were no superior being, she’d still be the most beautiful girl I have ever met and way out of my league, although people say I am handsome and I do keep in shape.

I consider it irony that she startled me in one of the few moments I wasn’t thinking about her.
I had just left the library and was squatting down to unlock my bicycle chain when I saw two white girlie-sneakers step in front of me. I looked up and looked into Alley’s cute face smiling down at me. She was alone.
“Hi Martin.” She greeted me.

For a short moment I didn’t say anything, just stared up at her. Then I hastily stood up and stuttered: “H…hi Alley.”

“You remember my name.” she acknowledged with a shining smile.

“Of… of course. We worked together at the mathematics tutorial.”

“Yeah, I know.” She rocked forth and back on her heels. Her bulky, shining white sneakers made quiet squeaking noises. She was wearing a short, pleated skirt and a shoulder free tight shirt that accentuated her round, perky breasts.

“You really do still know my name?” I was feeling stupid as the words left my mouth, but couldn’t think of anything more intelligent to say.

“Of course. I like you.”

My face and my ears felt as if they wouldn’t just turn red, but purple.

“Listen Martin,” she went on and clasped her hands behind her back. “I wanted to ask you something.”

“Yes?” My fingers fumbled nervously on the belts of my bag with the books inside.

“I’d like to eat you. What do you say?”

I wasn’t sure what I just heard and my head suddenly felt totally empty, as if my brain would have dropped into my stomach or even further down.
“Wh… what?”

“I’d like to eat you. You know I am a cannibal, don’t you?” she smiled.

I just stared at her.

“Like I said, I like you and so I’d like to do it the pleasant way, you know.” As she said that, she bent her head to the side a bit and blinked at me.
“You could say no and it would be ok.”

“N…no. I mean yes, I mean…!” I stuttered again.

She giggled. “What is it now, yes or no?”

I gulped and raised my gaze to meet her’s. Suddenly a strange calm came over me while the excitement almost made me explode.
“Yes.” I just said.

“Great!” she exclaimed. “How about Friday then? Do you have plans? You know, I like to eat on Friday, so I got the weekend to lie down and digest in peace.”
I just nodded.
“How much do you weight?” she asked, looking me over from head to shoes.

“Um… about 165 lb, I think.”

“Good. That means you should yield about 145 lb of meat and innards. Did you know that the bones make up about 12 % of the whole body weight? Most non-cannibals don’t know that.”

I shook my head.

”So it’s Friday evening then?” She obviously didn’t expect a proper answer to her previous question. “I’ll be at a small sorority party after the last lesson and I think it would be the easiest if I’d just come by your place afterwards, if that is ok with you? You do still have your own apartment, as you told me, right?”

The casual way in which she handled this thing felt weird to me, but of course it was something perfectly normal to her and in some way that made it easier for me to cope with the situation.

“Wonderful. There we’ll have more privacy than in the dorm. And you think I could stay in your apartment over the weekend? You know, with 145 lb of meat in my belly, I can’t really go anywhere for a while.”

“Um, yes, I guess so. I’d have to clear that with Mrs. Miller, my landlady, but I guess it should be no problem, since I paid the rent for the whole month.”

“So everything is settled then.” She grinned at me. “I can hardly wait. You look yummy.”

“Me too.” I mumbled, still a bit dumbfounded. “I mean I’m looking forward to it too.” I probably went from pale as a ghost to glowing red again when I said that.
She giggled and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before skipping away towards her dormitory.

When I came home that evening, I just sat in my old armchair and stared at the black TV screen for a long while, sorting my thoughts and feelings.

When I looked around me, it dawned to me that I’d have a lot of things to do and to organize.
I had to explain everything to my landlady and she would surely demand that I remove all my stuff from the apartment. After all, the only thing important to her was that a tenant would check out. My rental contract demanded to hand over the apartment in the same way as I received it and I had a term of notice of 3 months. That meant Mrs. Miller would demand the money for 3 further rents from me.
Well, I couldn’t just get eaten without telling her anything, because I had to arrange for Alley to stay in the apartment over the weekend and Mrs. Miller would surely hold my parents accountable if I’d just vanish.
Good thing I’d be able to come up with those 3 rents, because I was saving money for a new car since a while. I wouldn’t need that anymore now.
Also the apartment wasn’t such a big problem. There wasn’t that much stuff anyways and nothing was worth to leave bequeath to anybody.
It was Wednesday and so I still had about two days to throw the stuff out.

That evening I started to pack all the small things into cardboard boxes and plastic bags and to disassemble the few old shelves I had.

On the next morning I went to the next ATM to fetch the money for the rent and then to talk to Mrs. Miller.
She was a friendly but stern old woman. We always have gotten along very well and I think she liked me.
Still I might not have been able to talk to her about the whole thing if I wouldn’t already had felt a certain detachment from this world that made me a bit numb for emotions like embarrassment and shame. All I felt was that raging excitement and anticipation in the back of my mind.

I explained the situation to Mrs. Miller, pretty frankly and open and to my astonishment she was very understanding. She told me as a young woman, she had often fancied being gobbled up by a cannibal herself. One day, when she still was working as a barkeeper in a seedy part of the city, a man approached her when she was on her way home at night. He introduced himself as a cannibal and told her she’d be eaten now and that she’d better cooperate and enjoy it because resistance was futile. But she actually had a handgun with her and made the man back away.
She started to regret what she had done as soon as she was sitting in a cab on her way home, she told me with a deep sigh.
Not only had she spoiled a once in a lifetime chance for a exciting erotic adventure for herself, but also overreacted and threatened that poor man who only wanted to do what is natural.
“People weren’t as insightful and sensible in such things as they are nowadays.” She said. “In some parts of the worlds eating humans was still not legalized and cannibals were discriminated against and prosecuted just for following their nature.”

She was absolutely ok with Alley using the apartment for the weekend, after my demise and even asked me to tell Alley to just give her a call if she’d need anything during that time.
Also she said it was no problem to leave the bed, the TV and most of the stuff in the kitchen behind, so Alley would be able to use them if she wanted.
I thanked her and went to throw the rest of the useless stuff out.

With that, the most pressing things seemed to be settled.
After giving it a long thought, I decided not to call my parents and not even to write them a letter. I know, I said that my sense of shame was pretty much suspended, but still I didn’t know what to write to my parents.
“Mom and Dad, sorry, but I won’t graduate and not be home for thanksgiving because I’d rather be gobbled up by a sexy cannibal girl.”
No, I don’t think so.
There are certain things you just can’t talk to your parents about.
They’d just have to accept that their son got eaten, like hundreds of thousands of people get eaten every year.
In the big picture that wasn’t really a big deal and most people just accepted it as part of their lives, even those who didn’t have a secret craving to be someone’s prey.
At least nowadays the whole thing worked in civilized ways most of the time. That is a big improvement compared to the lives of people in the stone ages, I’d say.

When I moved to this city, I gradually lost all my old friends from high school and didn’t really find any new close friends, just a few drinking buddies I didn’t even know the last name of in some cases, so there wasn’t really any emotional goodbye to get over with on that side either.
I didn’t even feel like going out and so I just basically sat on my bed, watched TV and smoked the little rest of weed I had left.

I slept till almost noon on Friday.
I didn’t really have anything left to do, so I just went to the mall to hang around, kill some time and maybe buy a few things I thought might be useful to Alley while she was laying around in my bed and digesting me.

Back at home I spend the rest of the late afternoon with cleaning the apartment and took a long bath.
After that, I waited.
And waited.
It was nine pm and she still wasn’t here.
I was starting to wonder whether she had played a cruel joke with me. I remembered that she didn’t really tell me when exactly she was planning to come and I had been too dazed at the time to ask. I guess when you ask somebody whether you can eat him and he says yes, you don’t bother much with being polite anymore, but still…

I had just dozed off when the door bell rang. It was almost eleven pm.
What little anger I allowed myself evaporated when I saw her standing in doorway, smiling that bright smile at me.
“Hi.” She chirped.

“Hi Alley.” I managed to say, almost without stuttering.

She wore a pair of short hot pants, a tight t-shirt, again those bulky sneakers and striped socks that went up to her knees. Her long, auburn hair was bound to a tail.
She had a big backpack with her.

“Please come in.” I mumbled.

“Thanks.” She walked past me and took a look around the room. “Nice place, although a bit empty.” She giggled.

“I had to get rid of my stuff so Mrs. Miller wouldn’t have to bother with it. But you’ll find everything you need over the weekend, I think.”

“No problem. I’m sure I’ll have everything I need.” She threw her backpack on the bed as she walked around to inspect the other rooms.

“Can I offer you anything to drink?” I asked, already walking towards the small kitchen.

“Yes, a glass of water, please! *Phew!* You won’t believe the day I had.” She called from the living and sleeping room and I heard how she threw herself on the bed.
“I couldn’t go to the party because I had to help a friend with her physics assignment the whole evening.”

“Sorry to hear that.” I said as I entered the room with two glasses and a bottle of expensive French water. “You want some ice?”

“No, thanks.” She sat up on the bed, just slipped out of her sneakers without using her hands, pulled her legs up beneath herself into a sartorial sitting position and took one of the glasses.
“Thanks.” After taking a sip and placing the glass back on the small table I still had in the room, she turned to grab her backpack.
“Before I forget it…” She took a roll of big blue plastic sacks out of the backpack. “Do you want me to send your bones to your family, or is it ok if I just dump them?”

“Um… I guess you can just dump them.”

“It would be no problem to send them, you know. It wouldn’t even cost me money. There is a charity organization that does that. I just have to bring the bones there in one of these.” She lifted the roll of plastic sacks. “It wouldn’t be any more trouble than bringing them to the waste dump.”

“No, thanks. My parents aren’t very religious and they are liberal and pro-cannibal rights, but receiving my remains in a plastic bag, might be a bit too much for them.”

“The dump it is then.” She shrugged and put the roll on the table. Then she fumbled something else from her backpack. It was a little plastic bottle full of big pills.
“Take two of these.”

“What is that?” I asked as she put two of the pills into my hand.

“Basically a mix of drugs which will give you sexual stamina.” She grinned at me. “And will ease the pain when I eat you while keeping you alive and conscious for a longer time.”

“Shouldn’t I better take more than two then?” I asked.

“No, two are just right, you will see. An overdose could kill you before we had any fun together.” She put a hand on my leg.

I sat on the table in front of her and took the pills.

“You’ll feel the effects soon.” She laid back a bit and supported her body with her arms behind her. “In the meantime…” She uncrossed her legs and slowly put her left calf on my right shoulder. “…why don’t you help me working up an appetite?” she asked with a low, breathy voice and an erotic smile.

We had passionate and wild sex for hours. The drugs worked great. I felt like a wild bull on Viagra and she had several orgasms.
It was almost 3 am when we both finally collapsed.
We lay beside each other and stared up at the ceiling, both panting wildly.

“You know what?” she panted. “I’m too tired now. I’ll eat you in the morning. Wake me up at 9.”

“Ok.” I just answered, looking up at the ceiling.
When I turned my head, she was already asleep.
I looked at the silhouette of her slender, elegant shape in the moonlight and thought to myself what a lucky guy I was.


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